Here is our first partnership announcement !!!

YfDFI Finance and xProject join hands to introduce new safety measures into defi.

YfDFI Finance — Goals

YfDFI Finance aims to become the first DeFi financial center fully powered by the community. The YfDFI Finance ecosystem looks to rebuild all classes of financial services through DeFi (farming…

To have a seamless launch in Uniswap and to offer a decent sized liquidity pool, we have set the presale target to 580 ETH.

Timing: Starts from 4th Jan, 2020 04:00 PM UTC
Total supply: 200,000 SXT
Available tokens for presale: 75,000 SXT
Presale hard cap: 580 ETH
Presale soft cap: 350 ETH

Powered by a Smart contract
The presale will be powered by a smart contract to make every bit of information publicly available. This makes the process transparent and safe for investors.

External Resources

Presale website:

Detailed steps on how to participate in the presale will be published on 4th of Jan, 2021.


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